The Victoriaville Tape

William Parker

Label: Victo
Medium: CD
Year: 2003

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Hear a sound become a sound respond to sound if you play low I'll play high if you pluck I'll bow. Paint with sound if you walk I'll solo on top then I'll walk and you'll solo on top. Listen to the silence that accompanies this history this journey of music see the colors hear the colors of the world 8 strings dancing over the dark sunset use your voice down the low mountains of E now swing! sing! swing! sing! like old new now moment song second chance every second a second a chance rosin dust field of flowers again and again and again sarangi fiddle koto kumungo violin cello banjo a string village his term throwing paint across the sky like rainbows echoes of voices looking for peace no matter what they say the blind and deaf scouts called critics they know little about this ritual or this brotherhood of circles and horizons they were not there when the crows sang they were not there when the temples were built nor were they there when the temple fell now they scramble to claim the broken pieces they cannot put back together the sound soon stops then goes on and on and on forever. And then the tears came and heaven opened. Uncle Petey goes up to join the band in the sky he is greeted by Jimmy Blanton his face smiles now sunshine eternal sunshine. - William Parker, February 2003