Giancarlo Locatelli

Medium: CD
Year: 2018

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My relationship with Steve Lacy's music is not occasional. It was for me the "door". Since 2009, titled So Long!, I have presented several times a program with his compositions on bass clarinet. In the summer of 2013, on the mountains, I recorded the solo using the Bb clarinet, finding a bare, naked and raw dimension that marks an important point in my personal process with the music of Steve. “I try to be empty and to see what sounds” (Tom Raworth) Giancarlo nino Locatelli Lacy's tunes are devised with a rigorous affection, they engage instantly and seem ever unique, but their challenge is not for the faint of heart. Each piece frames an opening to inquiry and experiment, to meditation and humor; to scope out the furthest parameters of sound. We get all this and more in Nino's performances, which also attests to the quality of the material. Jason Weiss We don’t determine music, the music determines us, we only follow it to the end of our life: then it goes on without us It begs to be born and, wants to go it’s own way, we just make it up and: then we let it out. Music speaks for itself, and needs no explanation or justification either it is alive, or it is not Steve Lacy (from the label)