Free Art Ensemble & Augusti Fernandez

Medium: 2CD
Year: 2013

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By Stef on freejazzblog

On two more albums with the Free Art Ensemble, Agustí Fernández acts as pianist and conductor for this Spanish Ensemble. The band is Albert Cirera on tenor, Iván González, Julián Sánchez and Pol Padròs on trumpet, Oriol Fontclara and J Manuel Leal "Tete" on alto, Alejandro "Wassylli" Granados and Marc Cuevas on bass, Ivo Sans and Sergio Díaz on drums.

The band's music alternates between quite harmonious and arranged moments with themes that are almost cinematic, jazzy with strong Latin influences, and the heavy horn section gives a warm and welcoming feeling, yet then breaking open the structures and the rhythms for free interplay in the best of free jazz tradition, even if the band claims that its only real tradition is the "unknown" (“nuestra única tradición es lo desconocido”), but indeed Ayler, Coleman and Zorn have had their influences, as more older traditions of African music and blues.