Pioneers - The Beginning Of Danish Electronic Music


Medium: 2CD
Year: 2008

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A ldeluxe packaged compilation that holds the earliest recordings of Danish electronic music. The cd contains works by Danish electronic pioneers Else Marie Pade, Jørgen Plaetner, Bent Lorentzen, Gunner Møller Pedersen, Fuzzy, Svend Nielsen and Svend Christiansen. The booklet included contains interviews with all the composers and a general introduction to the environment surrounding the Danish electronic musicians in the late 1950 - early 60's. The double cd contains a lot of goodies: Tons of so far unreleased music and a piece from 1963 by Jørgen Plaetner where Danish poet Jørgen Gustava Brandt reads a poem on top. One of the earliest recordings in Denmark where music and poetry blends together. What a treat!