Joe McPhee - Nicolas Caloia - Jesse Stewart

Medium: CD
Year: 2018

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“Permutations” was released by “Art Stew Records” this year. Album was recorded by three great and famous jazz musicians trio – it’s Joe McPhee (Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet), Nicolas Caloia (bass) and Jesse Stewart (drums, waterphone). There’s no need to introduce any of these three musicians – all three of them are wonderful improvisers, whose creating inspiring, touching and innovative avant-garde jazz. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Impressive solos, fascinating musical experiments, gorgeous sounds, vibrant and rigorous blow outs, bright or very soft and playful melodic intonations – these elements are the most important to the musical pattern. Extremely huge amount of different playing techniques, manners, sounds, chords and other elements of musical language are masterfully, effectively and organically joined together. Each element has its own place and function in musical pattern – it gives an effect to whole sound. The music by this trio is effective, energetic, bright and original. “Permutations” is a set of colorful expressions, rich musical language, marvelous and brilliant solos and original musical decisions. The main basement is totally formed by avant-garde jazz, free improvisations and the basics of experimental jazz. The main part of the compositions has dynamic and active sound and are created in expressive and moving mood. Compositions are based on collective improvisations and short contrasting sequences, episodes and pieces, which are silmunateously repeated and changed one after the other. Shocking contrasts between absolutely different musical language elements make a strong effort to whole facture, form and sound. It creates marvelous, unpredictable and variable sound. Touching, moving and expressive solos are strongly contrasting with silent, abstract and relawing pieces, which reveal the other side and character of the improvisations. The main reason, why the sound of this album is so interesting, attracting and original, lays in the manner and style of improvising. Reeds improvisations by Joe McPhee are especially bright and expressive. This improviser has original and innovative playing style, unique sound and is the master of twisting together different moods and characters. His improvisations always are based on traditions of American avant-garde jazz, free improvisation modern jazz styles. The music is effected by late modern jazz styles, such as neo bop, post bop, hard bop and others. Rapid and effective passages, furious, shrieky and sharp solos, remarkable, touching and energetic melodies, vibrant, powerful and intense blow outs – all these elements contain the main basement of the McPhee improvisations. Innovative instrumentation, shocking and provocative musical decisions, brave and fresh sound experiments, specific ways of playing are colorfully connected together and integrated in common musical pattern. Reeds improvisations create the main mood, tempo and character – it turns the compositions into bright, energetic, roaring and thrilling collective improvisations with brilliant bursts of energy. Nicolas Caloia bass has different character – it’s mainly based on subtle, gentle and abstract melodic and rhythmic intonations, which are joined together with various effective and modern ways. Rich and extremely huge variety of unusual timbres, sounds and noises is created here. Bassist is using dozens of different ways of playing – he’s fusing them with sound experiments, repetitive tunes, variable and dynamic rhythmic forms, virtuosic and marvelous solos and effective bursts of energy. Firm and solid bass line is kept through all the compositions – it’s highly contrasting with other instruments and brings colorful and touching sound. Nicolas Caloia has interesting playing style, which is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz, experimental music and free improvisations. Just like Joe McPhee, his improvisations also have many relations with modern jazz styles. His playing manner is based on dynamic musical decisions, sudden stylistic turns and expressive, touching and effective playing. Jesse Stewart drums section is independent, free, contrasting and bright. Solid, firm and loud rhythmic section is filled with turulent improvisations, colorful and eclectiv combinations of the instruments, unusual timbres, roaring and energetic bursts of energy, difficult and dynamic rhythms of various jazz styles and other elements of various musical langauge elements. All three musicians are improvisnig brilliantly and inventively – their music is mainly based on interesting musical decisions, passionate, sensible, emotional and creative improvising. That makes en effort to remarkable, bright and innovative sound.(from the label)