One Day – A Lightning Storm

Joe McPhee

Medium: 10" LP+ booklet
Year: 2018

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You might know Joe McPhee as a jazz musician – but it turns out, he's a pretty great talker too – one who makes his spoken word debut here on a very cool 10" album! The set's got an unusual format – in that McPhee is interviewed by writer John Corbett (who's also done a lot to release Joe's music over the years – but the record edits out John's voice, so that McPhee just tells his story on his own – a fascinating legacy from the south to New York, through the growing avant jazz scene of the 60s and 70s – of which McPhee became an undeniable part. The whole thing also comes with a 20 page booklet – with a few images, and the full transcript of both sides of the interview. (Limited edition – with 20 page booklet!) (by dusty groove)