Jean D.L.,Karen Willems

Medium: CD
Year: 2017

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between cords and vague beats more pleasant and restrained they balance panoramic views we know what lays behind them something evaporates between their hands Reminds us of an early morning when the kitchen is still dark and empty piece by piece they play down that room and suspend that time again that is so much like wandering through the streets looking for what is our own credits released September 15, 2017 "There are those who confirm and those who confront and never stop transforming." Karen Willems firmly belongs to the latter category. She (previously) was a drummer for o.a , Zita Swoon Group, Jan Swerts, Novastar, Pascal Deweze (Inwolves), collaborations with Aidan Baker, Eric Thielemans, Dirk Serries, BARST… Jean D.L. develops a universe at once intimistic and noisy, made of hazy soundscape. Jean D.L. has worked in solo but has also collaborated with the likes of S. Biset, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mauro A. Pawlowski, Teun Verbruggen, Antoine Boute, Jozef Van Wissem, Justice Yeldham, Jean-Philippe De Gheest, Paul Labrecque, Anla Courtis, Jozef Dumolin, Damo Suzuki Network. license (from the label)