City Fall

Label: Sluchaj
Medium: CD
Year: 2016

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Evan Parker – tenor sax 
Mikołaj Trzaska – alto sax, bass clarinet 
John Edwards – double bass 
Mark Sanders – drums

This album is a gift we made all together to ourselves. This is the entire 2-set concert by Evan Parker, Mikołaj Trzaska, John Edwards, Mark Sanders. When it was recorded it was Evan Parker’s 70th birthday celebration. When it was released – it was Mikołaj Trzaska’s 50th birthday as well the 20th year of my professional carrier as a journalist and finally the 5th anniversary of – a webservice I’m proud to lead from day one. We even wanted to title this album only with those couple of numbers: 70/50/20/5. But the numbers, just like words, can’t explain the music. 
That’s why we decided not to come up with a liner note nor with the odd “digital” title. Now nothing should distruct you from the music itself. 

Maciej Karłowski