Isabelle Duthoit / Franz Hautzinger

Medium: CD
Year: 2017

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Featuring Isabelle Duthoit on clarinet & vocal and Franz Hautzinger on trumpet. This duo has been active for a few years and has played in New York on several occasions. They were here a few weeks ago (early May of 2017) and have been garnering accolades from those of us who savor the more extreme sounds of extended experimentation. Although Ms. Duthoit can be found on a few recordings with Georg Graewe, Johannes Bauer and Luc Ex, there is quite a buzz about her unique vocal abilities. Microtonal trumpeter, Franz Hautzinger, has been around longer and has recorded with: Derek Bailey, Keith Rowe, Otomo Yoshihide and is a member of the Zeitkratzer ensemble. ‘Lily’ is a studio date, all the sounds closely mic’d with extreme attention to detail. Since both of these musicians work in extended techniques, it is often hard to tell who is doing what. Breathy vocal sounds or radiator-like hissing from the trumpet? What is the difference? If you are a fan of the Erstwhile or Another Timbre labels, this disc is for you. Ms. Duthoit also plays clarinet although it is also hard to tell what is being played or manipulated. Ms. Duthoit is a master of altering her voice and twisting ti into an array of odd shapes and weird sounds. Ghost-like, disembodied vocals, whispers, sometimes scary and often mesmerizing is what she specializes in. I have listened to much lower case (quieter, focused) improvisations in a while so it was indeed wonderful to sit back and listen closely to this outstanding excursion. The Relative Pitch label remains on the cutting edge of sonic explorations. You best check this gem out as it is one of this month’s most eagerly awaited items. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery