Without Borders​.​.​.

Barry Guy / Maya Homburger / Zlatko Kaucic

Label: Sluchaj
Medium: CD
Year: 2017

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Zlatko Kaučič invited Maya and myself to perform a concert in Ljubljana. This meeting (2016) proved to be convivial and communicative on many levels. Other than making music we discussed our individual situations and general views including the many pressing events that continue to accumulate in the world. Zlatko himself lives close to one of the “corridors” where displaced refugees make their agonisingly slow walk to a more hopeful future. It is to these people that we extend our combined hopes for a resolution to their plight and dedicate this music. As to the title of the album “Without Borders…” and the tracks : these represent resonances of our awareness that international agencies facing an overwhelming task of supporting fleeing citizens from war-torn countries, provide the essential relief whilst many politicians turn their back on the problems. (Note from Barry Guy)