Label: Kye
Medium: LP
Year: 2016

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‘The Paris Concert’ documents a historical private performance held in a 5th floor Paris apartment to an invited audience of 15 people. “40 years after a chance meeting in 1975 at The American Center in Paris, Raymond Boni (guitar), Jean Marc Foussat (synthesizer) and Joe McPhee (tenor/pocket trumpet) reunite with an impromptu private concert. This is music in the moment, walking naked on a razor’s edge. The American Center is long gone and in 2015 ‘The City of Light’ strives for a new meaning in a time of great challenge. The world has changed and we all walk naked on a razor’s edge.” (Joe McPhee, 2016). ‘The Paris Concert’ arrives in a full color Matthew Revert designed sleeve, and comes with a download card containing the full recording of the concert including the encore (not featured on the LP), as well as photographic documentation by Christine Baudillon, in an edition of 400 copies.