Navigation ( Possibility Abstracts X & XI)

Taylor Ho Bynum 7-tette

Medium: 2LP
Year: 2013

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One of 3 releases documenting composer/cornetist Taylor Ho Bynums'Navigation project with two sets recorded live with his Sextet (featuring Jim Hobbs on alto saxophone, Bill Lowe on bass trombone and tuba, Mary Halvorson on guitar, Ken Filiano on bass, and Tomas Fujiwara on drums and vibraphone).

"My desire in writing Navigation was to maximize the freedom, choice, and agency of the performing musicians while maintaining the challenges and rewards of compositional structure. The composition is broken into six movements: ISH, WUK, ZADE, TRIST, MANCH, and KID. Each movement has a markedly different sonic identity, with notational styles ranging from traditional to graphic to cartographic. However, while the materials within each section are pre-composed, the overall structure and order of Navigation is modular and improvisational in nature, so each performance creates a markedly different version of the music. What to play next and how to play it is the real-time decision of the members of the ensemble. [...]"-Taylor Ho Bynum, from the liner notes.