Free for a Minute

Steve Lacy

Medium: 2CD
Year: 2017

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Four sessions of music involving different degrees of free improvisation - all featuring STEVE LACY and KENT CARTER. (1) DISPOSABILITY, the 1965 trio record with ALDO ROMANO which features versions of jazz standards and originals as well as some free improvisation. Originally issued in 1966 as Vik 200, this is the first reissue without distorted cymbal "tap dancer" noise. (2) SORTIE, the 1966 quartet record with ENRICO RAVA added, based on free improvisation. Originally issued in 1966 as GTA 1002, this is the first complete reissue, and the first CD reissue with correct track titles. (3) The previously unissued 1967 "FREE FALL" FILM CUES performed by a quintet with RAVA, KARL BERGER, & PAUL MOTIAN. Improvisation moulded to fit with mainly short visual film sequences. (4) Finally, two previously unissued 1972 quintet pieces with STEVE POTTS (alto saxophone), IRENE AEBI (cello) and NOEL McGHIE (drums). The best recorded version of the Lacy original The Rush, and a partially controlled improvisation called The Thing. 124 minutes.(from the label)