Christian Lillinger / Tobias Delius

Medium: CD
Year: 2017

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Featuring Christian Lillinger on drums and Tobias Delius on tenor sax & clarinet. Berlin-based drummer, Christian Lillinger, really gets around as we can see from the more than two dozen discs he appears on listed in the DMG database with: Axel Dorner, Peter Evans, Achim Kaufmann & Rolf Kuhn. Although Dutch reeds wiz, Tobias Delius, joined the ICP Orchestra late in his career, he has kept busy recording as a leader as well as playing with Michael Moore, Sean Bergin, Jaap Blonk and Cor Fuhler. The title piece is first and right from the opening the duo take off soaring together. This is a most marvelous duo that sounds perfect together, no matter if they are erupting or calming down into more peaceful currents. Even when things quiet down, like on “Ethical Privet”, there is still a close connection, a fascinating dialogue unfolds slowly… and then ascends through layers of cosmic connections. Mr. Delius has a striking, odd tone on clarinet, which sounds nothing like any of the more famous, old school players. There is some intense, focused listening & responding going on here, as both musicians are so well-matched. This is most modest yet completely enchanting duo, perfect listening for a rainy, overcast day . - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG