Stellari String Quartet (Wachsmann / Hug / Mattos / Edwards)

Medium: CD
Year: 2019

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"Space. Sound in space. Or astral spheres. Distinct. These are unfiltered galaxies, neither compressed nor endowed with artificial reverberation, confident in being themselves, as represented with great care by microphones and binary digits. Space that expands and contracts like breathing or the beginning and end of a cosmos ... from gossamer-fine solo violin melody all the way through four musicians eight hands four instruments bows and sixteen strings - so much, so little, just so. A physics of friction, attack and release, as infinite as the universe. The physics of time, its one-way street to far-off entropy miraculously expressed through improvisation - no other process comes as close - and beautiful fragments of those irretrievable moments held here to be experienced again inside another time, place, way, person."-Caroline Kraabel, liner notes