Sound Within Sound | Wuppertal Diary

Pascal Niggenkemper

Medium: 2CD
Year: 2018

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"The avant-garde bassist Pascal Niggenkemper was artist-in-residence in September / October 2017 in Wuppertal. During this time he improvised with many musicians and explored new sound possibilities. These concerts were recorded and a selection of them is released here as a documentary of his days in place, released by Fitschgetau Records as a double CD lovingly designed with drawings by Jorgo Schafer. The two CDs each consist of six concert excerpts, arranged not according to chronological order but according to artistic criteria. The CD shows the whole musical spectrum of the different concerts. The CD1 of Sound Within Sound opens with a concert in which Pascal Niggenkemper explores sound possibilities together with Gunda Gottschalk on the violin and Ute Volker on the accordion, far from the usual musical structures. Also on the CD2, there is another section of this concert, here arise then approaches of melody and rhythm. In the second piece Niggenkemper can be heard with Toma Gouband and his sounding stones.The three recordings of the concert with Steve Dalachinsky, who speaks several texts, such as "In The Presence Of Chaos" have a completely different character. Here the language collaborates with the advanced techniques on Niggenkemper's bass. There was a very exciting collaboration with the English saxophonist John Butcher. On both CDs we find recordings with Butcher. On the second CD, recordings in which Butcher modulates long held notes and vibrato changes, then later Niggenkemper uses his rotor, which produces a steady beat on the bass strings. Also very versatile is the joint work with the East-West Trio consisting of: Xu Fengxia, Guzheng and voice, Didier Petit, cello, Sylvain Kassap, clarinet and and as guest Gunda Gottschalk, violin. In the first recording, wild cacophonies create small oriental melodies and rhythms. In the second recording, musical structures are also to be found which, combined with a confusion of voices, sound psychedelic and sound like a connection between Krautrock and Free Jazz. The collaboration with Liz Kosack on the synthesizer, Philip Zoubek on the prepared piano and Etienne Nillesen on the snare drum also reveal some spherical sounds, which are then accompanied by noise, wobbles, bubbling and cracking. With the two CDs you get an insight into the variety of creative sound development, the Pascal Niggenkemper have developed with the other musicians in Wuppertal in joint improvisation. Pascal Niggenkemper is rightly called "one of the most adventurous double bassists in the current music scene".-Uwe Brautigam, (via Google translate)