A Trace of Light

Agusti Fernandez

Label: Sirulita
Medium: CD
Year: 2013

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By Stef on freejazzblog

On "Part I", Fernández demonstrates the art of noise, using only extended techniques to generate sounds that are dark, ominous, compelling and intense, creating a sonic atmosphere that is unique and coherent at the same time, then "Part II", continues in the same vein, but more subdued, calmer, until out of the noise and chaos, "real" piano notes come tinkling in, with both left and right hand in the higher registers, moving like waves undulating in sync, superimposing and clashing, yet ever so lightly,with speed and confidence.

Now that the instrument got its voice, it keeps it, with the stunning "Part III", probably the most minimalist piece, giving incredible space to silence, with notes acting as punctuation for the void, emphasising and intensifying what is not to be heard, gradually moving into playing on the inside of the piano, scratching strings, making them resonate and rumble.

"Part V" is again fully voiced, with an improvisation full of surprise and phrases ending like question marks, gentle and playful, as if the darkness of the earlier tracks is being dispelled by joy and hope, even being intensified in "Part VI", which is indeed like photons oscillating to create light, or the sonic equivalent of it at least, notes vibrating in pure joy, with what quantum physicists would call wave-particle characteristics, getting gradually more gravitas and drama, keeping the same format yet diving down in the lower notes, a strange progression of sentiment without altering the arpeggios, then turning into darker regions again of internal rumbling, a magnificent piece of music.

"Part VII" start ominous, then again little notes like raindrops, gentle fragile and sensitive.

An incredible performance of one of today's leading pianists.