Are We In Diego?

Paul Rutherford, Ken Vandermark, Torsten Müller & Dylan van der Schyff

Label: WhirrbooM!
Medium: CD
Year: 2018

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This recording is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Paul Rutherford, who left us in 2007. Paul was a brilliant trombonist and improviser, with a warm personality and a wonderful sense of humor. He was also a staunch communist, dedicated to the optimistic ideals associated with the early years of the movement. Like the rest of us, Paul witnessed the corruption and atrocities that plagued the communist project, as well as the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Nevertheless, he remained committed to the original spirit of communism in his life and art. He played powerful music, inspiring his bandmates to draw on the best in themselves so that collectively they might reach heights they could not achieve alone. Above all, Paul lived for the music and his colleagues. The design of this release is intended to reflect... more (From the CD liner notes)