Alex Koo, Mark Turner & Ralph Alessi

Medium: CD
Year: 2019

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APPLEBLUESEAGREEN (a literal translation of the Flemish word 'appelblauwzeegroen') is a color with an ambiguous personality. It WANDERS LONELY somewhere in between the DUNES of green and blue. The now GHOSTLY origins of this expression are unclear and its meaning has changed in the MARCH of time. BUT APPLES ARE GREEN. THE SEA IS BLUE. Perhaps if the BODILY parts would have been MIRRORED, it could have changed the course of its PILOT. Fortunately, even though the composition of the word has been resting in a DORMANT state, by no means are we planning for its FUNERAL. APPLEBLUESEAGREEN is a shifting FLUID, offering FREEDOM within imaginary WALLS. We each look at its PARADE with a different GAZE. (from the label)