An UnRuly Manifesto

James Brandon Lewis

Medium: CD
Year: 2019

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James Brandon Lewis is a talented, forceful saxophonist and composer who puts a great deal of ambition into every project he leads. He’s dedicated his latest “to Charlie Haden & Ornette Coleman and Surrealism” that in looking back to these fearless pioneers of jazz, Lewis emphasizes his own flair for pushing forward. An UnRuly Manifesto (available February 1 2019 via Relative Pitch) summons those ghosts to inspire him to think differently about his art, and succeeded in making a record that elevates above all the music forms it references. Lewis studied with Haden back when he was attending CalArts, and Coleman has already left an indelible mark on his music (such as the free-funk influences found in his Days of Freeman LP that featured Prime Time bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma), so these tributes come as no surprise. An UnRuly Manifesto, though, marks the first time Lewis favoring continuation in the lineup of his backing band. The James Brandon Lewis Trio that played on 2016’s No Filter is retained and augmented by two more players: added to the Luke Stewart/Warren ‘Trae’ Crudup III rhythm section is guitarist Anthony Pirog — who guested on No Filter — and Chicago’s latest trumpet sensation, Jaimie Branch.(By S. Victor Aaron