Accelerated Projection – Live At Sant'Anna Arresi

Roscoe Mitchell-Matthew Shipp

Label: RogueArt
Medium: CD
Year: 2017

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A wonderful pairing of players – and one that seems to have Roscoe Mitchell balancing perfectly between his free improvised mode, and some of the more angular sounds of his compositional work! Make no mistake, the performance here feels largely improvised – recorded live in Italy – but there's also this complexity to the tones and colors that seem to echo some of Mitchell's work for larger ensembles, but which maybe has even more power here as it flows from the keys of Matthew Shipp's piano alongside Roscoe's work on alto, soprano sax, and flute! The horns also seem to bring out something special in Shipp – but with a quality that's different than his performances with more familiar reed partners – and the set features the long "Accelerated Projection" suite, in seven parts. (ByDusty Groove, Inc.)